April 7, 2006

Japanese Stroller Shoppertainment On Flickr

Originally uploaded by JulieBoo.
In January, flickr user JulieBoo went a little photo-happy in the stroller section of Jusco, a Japanese department store. The results are on flickr, in the form of a 30-photo set.

What's interesting is the near-total lock on the shelfspace by hometown favorites Aprica and Combi. The selections available in the US from those companies are clearly the tip of the iceberg.

JulieBoo's Jusco stroller photoset [flickr]

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Just change "Aprica and Combi" to "Graco and Evenflo" and that describes the scene in Toysrus in Canada, too... at least now we have Sears to sell us (woefully storage-challenged) Quinny stuff, and the import shops to sell us Peg Perego, Maclaren, and Bugaboo.

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