April 6, 2006

Stokke-Palooza Powerpramming


Which is blowing your mind more right now?

The fact that they call Strollercize "Powerpramming" in England?

Or the way that 50 Stokke Xplorys look when they're headed straight for you?

"We road tested the STOKKE XPLORY pushchair at Powerpramming’Ѣ and our babies loved it!" [powerpramming.co.uk via shotaro]
Note: we're pretty sure the guy is a ringer.

Previously: Truck. Elevator. Mom. Diaper. STROLLERCIZE


*sigh* I so totally love the Xplory, I will be very very sad when my DD grows out of it. Hadn't thought to strollercize with it, unless power walking from Nordstrom to Macy's counts.

I love my Xplory too... it is so great having the baby higher up and closer to you.

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