April 6, 2006

GoogleMapped Goodness: Rebel Dad's SAHD Playgroups GMap


LOL, awesome. Unless you've actually given birth to one yourself, you cannot fully appreciate the pain and the exhaustion that a customized Google Map can bring. But then that first day, when you bring it home to your blog, it's, well, it's magical, really.

Until you realize you're not going to get a full nights sleep for weeks because the thing doesn't behave and requires constant attention... But that's not your problem.

So congratulations to Brian who just announced the arrival of the Rebel Dad Stay-At-Home Dad Group and Playgroup Map. If you'd like to send him something--new SAHD group and playgroup data is appreciated--there's registry info in the post.

Note; While v2.0 is expected to incorporate realtime RFID data to show which Gymboree a group is meeting at at any given moment, right now the Lincoln/Omaha Dads group [above] suggests that newcomers either visit the website, or just go stand on the corner by Central High with your kid and wait.

Mapping Dads [rebeldad]

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