April 6, 2006

"Baby Shower Gone Bad"

Horrible story, but it's headlines like this that make dadblogging all worthwhile.

Pregnant woman beaten at baby shower [cnn via tmn]


What the hell is wrong with some people? Dammit, I'm sick of all these unqualified parents! Anyone with any g-damn sense at all know you NEVER give beer to a child until they're AT LEAST 7 YEARS OLD!

Couples shower....girls-only shower...what's a hostess to choose?

Usually the boys are excluded because they don't get the menu, decorations or discussion.

I think a more streamlined guest list and perhaps better hors d'oeuvre and punch choices could have prevented this entirely.

[yeah, that, and no guns, and enforcing a strict two baby daddies/mom limit. -ed.]

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