April 5, 2006

Camo Kozy Carrier Hiding In Plain Sight On Flickr

Originally uploaded by mptmahoney.
See, is there anything better in the world than finding a photoset called "Our Baby Carriers" on flickr? No, there is not.*

MPT Mahoney's got one, and now it's got a daddytypes tag. We've pretty much moved on from the babywearing days, alas, but perhaps if we'd had a mei-tai-style Kozy carrier in camo, too, we would have been more into it.

The Kozy Carrier is...NOT? available in camo at the moment for $69? Whassupwiddat? [kozycarrier.com]
Babywearing: A Dad's Experience [thebabywearer.com]
* note: rhetorical device. Claim may not be valid on/around fresh powder, school plays, birthdays, anniversaries, exquisite Halo2 sessions, etc.

1 Comment

mei-tai carries are fabulous. I had a friend make me one (they are very easy to make, I have no idea why that Kozy woman charges so much!) It's just as easy to carry my 2 year old as it is my 5 month old.

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