April 4, 2006

Other Daddies Blogging: Baseball, Beans, & Babies

Even if I didn't have a huge work deadline looming over me, this list of highlights from the dadblogscape would still be incomplete:

  • Even the second time around, The Hospital Tour's entertaining and informative. And when it's Berkeley, they double down on the "entertaining". [the bean's dad]
  • Some healthy advice if you want to live long enough to see your kid graduate: don't start playing baseball next to one of The Blogfathers when he's playing with his infant son, knowhat'msayin? Also, you want to see your kid graduate at all? Don't join in the beanball. [LOD at The Blogfathers]
  • Jon and Heather sleep-trained Leta and all they got for it was 100,000 comments on their blogs--and two years of sleeping through the night. [blurbomat]
  • The Parenting Force is strong with this one. Raising your kid the Jedi Way [metrodad]
  • "Peanut, I'm your father. But, as it turns out, I am also a mommy blogger, which, worst case, will give you great essay material for your application to Brown." [metrodad]
  • On rethinking the whole daycare equation: Eric doesn't need a CDC-ful of scientists to convince him where the epicenters of flu pandemics are. [more diapers]
  • Sound familiar? You work all day at the office, come home exhausted and--if you're lucky--barely in time to kiss the kids goodnight, and is it too much to ask to have a hot meal waiting on the table? Well ladies, I'm here to tell you, you need to shape up: your stay-at-home dads are getting burned out and feeling unappreciated, and your 50's-era parenting style ain't cutting it. [dadstayshome.com via DIASL]
  • Waitaminnit, so Jeff is more popular globally than Jackie Chan?? What about Kevin from Sprout? [ricedaddies]
  • This "Being Daddy" thing is really thoughtful. But why does so much of it have to happen at 3AM? [flagrantdisregard]
  • Putting the X in Xtreemie: holy moley, I can't believe Odin was ever that tiny. [snowdeal]
  • A baby gear blog from the Magic Beans folks in Boston? Suh-weet. Oh wait, I knew this in Oct. and totally forgot. Hey, where'y my kid? !! I left my her on Mall Santa's lap! BRB. [spillingthebeans.net via thingamababy]
  • "Daddy, where to daddyblogs come from?" "Well, honey, when a man and a woman love each other, they take off for the Yucatan coast for a few days..." [seangraham.org via thingamababy]


    Hey, what's wrong with Brown? ;)

    signed, the father of The Pumpkin, Brown Legacy class of 2026

    [nothing at all; it just seems like the Ivy where an essay about growing up in a trans-gender-voiced dadblogger family would give a kid the most traction. -ed.]

    :) I'm sure it doesn't surprise anyone who reads my blogs, focused as they are on race, politics, and their intersecton with fatherhood, that I went there. ;) Great place to educate a young radical-of-color. Heh.

    That thread on the dadstayshome forum is almost worthy of its own post. Good stuff, especially when you contrast it with all of the mommy wars nonsense that seems to be another excuse for dad/man bashing. "What? You mean there isn't a gene for parenting that only gets passed to the ones with boobs?!?"

    [yeah, that was a great find. -ed.]

    Credit where it's due, that link was given to me by The Queen's Dad.

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