April 4, 2006

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2005-09-28 005
Originally uploaded by superbad.
Wow, maybe it's a good thing I didn't get all into flickr when I started the daddytypes tagging last summer; this stuff is like crack.

Or a venti mochalatterazzmattazz or whatever appropriately non-Starbucks caffeine bomb Superbad is dangling in front of his Quinny Zapp-bound daughter.

This is from September, so thanks to the flickrheads who took up the 'daddytypes' torch before I figured out where my lighter was. Classic.

see what gets the daddytypes tag on flickr. [flickr]


I'm guessing (hoping) it's one of those vanilla milk things they make for kiddos.


This is what happends when she's a little older:


(It's in norwegian)

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