April 3, 2006

Little Animals' Little Line Of Little Organic Tees & Bodysuits

little_animals.jpg"For little humans." Actually, the parent company's website says it's "for moms, babies and kids," so I guess I shouldn't even be discussing it because all that organic, pesticide-free, sustainable, low-impact save the earth for future generations crap is for chicks. I grew up wearing good old fashioned, half-zipper-necked polyester knit shirts made from 100% petroleum. And if it was good enough for me, it's good enough for my kid. So if you need me or my checkbook, woman, I'll be waiting in the Yukon with the engine running.

Where was I? Right. Little Animals. When the kid was born, my mom was quick to suggest that calling her "big" at any point might be pushing her down the Barbie-fied path to an eating disorder, and sooner than I think. So I don't know how I feel about putting my kid in a T-shirt that says "Little Piggie," even if it IS organic and comes packaged in corn-based compostable plastic. [note to self: check to see if Waste Management takes my building's dumpsters to compost pile.]

Nevertheless, they're cute as buttons, and besides, isn't it our country's too-high sense of self-regard and its ME ME ME GET MINE egocentrism that's behind our environmental crisis? I think a little self-image issue might be just the thing to get the kids to focus on the planet for a change.

Little Animals tees and bodysuits come in a variety of animals, not just piggies, for $22 a pop
[littleanimals.com via treehugger]

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