April 3, 2006

Jack Fell Down, But Did Jill Call 911? NOOOO.

If I'd posted this on Saturday, you would've thought it's a joke. Unfortunately for people relying on the Canadian health system, it's all too real. The reason your dad can't get his hip replacement for six months is because the doctors are all off publishing papers about Humpty freakin' Dumpty.

Head injuries in nursery rhymes: evidence of a dangerous subtext in children's literature, Canadian Medical Assoc. Journal, Dec. 9, 2003 [cmaj.ca via metafilter]

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I'm a Canadian and I remember when that paper was published. It was a joke! Unfortunately for users of the U.S. health care system, it's fine if you're one of the rich stepsisters, but poor little Cinderella really has no hope of getting decent care.

[So Canada celebrates April 1st on Dec. 9th?? That is wild. When do you celebrate the Fourth of July? -ed.]

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