April 3, 2006

'Ello Guv'nah: Quinny Zapp For Sale In The US

quinny_zapp.jpgThe awesomely tiny-when-folded Quinny Zapp, which is typically only sold in Europe, is available online in the US via Baby Dealz [everyone with the "Z" these days]. The Zapp's frame unfurls into a surfboard-shaped [or, if you don't like it, ironing board-shaped] wedge of a stroller that does pretty decent duty as an about-town ride.

Folding the sides is a little awkward, but I'm sure you get the hang of it pretty quickly. So far, I'm still mesmerized watching the undercarriage fold like an umbrella. Very cool.

For its small size, I wish the Zapp were lighter, and it has limited functionality when it comes to things like reclining seats and storage space [no and none, respectively], but for a back-up stroller that takes up VERY little room in your car or closet or overhead bin, it's hard to beat. Plus, it holds a Maxi-Cosi Cabrio carseat [check on those adapters first, yo.] Plus, it looks kind of awesome.

Used to be that if you wanted one, you picked it up in Europe and carried it home. [They run about EUR170 over there, if I remember correctly.] So Baby Dealz current "sale" price, $229, shipping included, doesn't sound like gouging to me. In fact it sounds like a deal[z].

[update: how could I forget that babycare.nl, which'll offer competitive pricing and shipping with a lot of great customer service? Baby Dealz' customer reviews are still a little spotty, and the warranty is only via them, not Quinny, since they're grey market, so caveat emptor. IF you've bought from Baby Dealz before, definitely share your experience below, yah? Also, does Quinny actually honor warranties for customers in the US who bought their rigs abroad? I wonder if there aren't some clauses about that...]

Quinny Zapp stroller, $229.99 in black and a bunch of other colors [babydealz via dt reader buck]
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We bought a Quinny Zapp along with a Maxi-Cosi Cabrio from babycare.nl in the Netherlands. We love them both. We use the Quinny as our "umbrella" stroller, it stows so nicely in the trunk (boot) of the honda. Manuevers well, folds easily and compactly, and never fails to elicit favorable comments whenever we take it out. My wife handles it well, and claims it must be easy to use if she can figure out how to fold it up. The only hitch in the transaction was the complete shut down of my credit card after the "fraud" protection boys jumped all over the charge from Utrecht...total cost less VAT and with shipping was a little over $200.

[d'oh, I should've mentioned Babycare. They're great. I would've thought the credit card companies'd figure out the grey market stroller business by now, though. -ed]

We live in the UK and have had one of these for about a year now. Excellent second stroller for a 1+ child. No storage sucks, and no ability to recline is also a negative. It is nice to push on pavements and in big American shopping malls (not many of those over this way), but across rough ground (parks and cobbled streets etc) it is not so good - although I am comparing to a bugaboo which is brilliant for all terrain.

If you travel it is great though, folds up tiny, can be taken on most international flights in the overhead compartment etc. Also does not take up too much room in the back of the car.

We keep a Zapp in the back of the car too. The lack of storage and recline haven't bothered me, but it is kind of sucky on rough terrain. I've toyed with the idea of replacing the hard wheels with little pneumatic ones, but ultimately I'm just too lazy. But it's a good little stroller for what it is. We've even carried it on the plane a few times too (no gate checking needed). Can't say enough good things about Babycare either, they were great to deal with.

We've also had a Zapp for about 6 months now. I have the same complaints about it as the other posters...no storage, no cup holder for me! and no ability to recline. Other than that though, I love the size of it and it makes a great stroller for day trips.

We bought ours here in Canada at Sears as soon as they started to carry it. It retails for $199 CDN.

We've used the Zapp/Cabrio exclusively for our 6mo. It handles great, goes anywhere (in the city at least, we haven't tried off-roading, but hey, this is LA), is super compact, and gets ogled as much as the baby does. As for cup holders and storage, I've never suffered from the lack, and laughed at people trying to maneuver those overloaded dumptrucks with all the storage bins and Big Gulps.

I saw that the Buzz is also available at babydealz. We're in the market for a Buzz/carrycot system - they say it's the 2006 model. Anyone have experience dealing with babydealz? I'm debating whether to shell out for the shipping charges with babycare.nl because of the great customer service I'm reading about, babydealz seems a little iffy in that department. Any help/opinions are appreciated! Thanks.

I'm considering the Quinny Zapp. Does anyone know if you can use the raincover when you are also using the car seat?

[I'm guessing you're talking about the Cabrio car seat? Doesn't it come with it's own rain cover? I know there's a mosquito net available for it. I'd bet that the Zapp seat-shaped raincover won't work too well on a carseat, though. -ed.]

No rain cover came with the Cabrio (unless I misplaced it in the piles of packaging from all the baby crud that was arriving at the time). The Zapp rain fly doesn't work with it either- oriented towards the front rather than up/back like the Cabrio. I've just been throwing a blanket over the Cabrio.


I know what you mean about babydealz. For no apparent reason I feel the same way about them. It just seems a bit strange that they are the only US distributor of Quinny strollers and they dont even advertise that? Not even on their own site-? Hmm...

I just ordered from Babycare.nl and the service was GREAT. Took exactly 12 days to get here -to Los Angeles-(out of which 4 were non-business days). So really fast! I highly recommend Babycare!

Hey Mariah, how much did the shipping cost to the West Coast? I'm headed to London soon and I'm wondering if I should just wait.

Despite "finding" the Baby Dealz site I'm hesitant to pull the trigger. I sent them an email asking for some comfort but got nada in return. Not good.

Buck - I got a response to my email within a few hours (clarifying if they were the 2006 model), but I'm leary too. Lots of reviews complain about their poor repsonse rate. The only warranty service is with THEM and not with the manufacturer (because they are not an authorized reseller) so it makes me very nervous. Make sure you read about the warranty/service procedures if you decide to go ahead with babydealz. That alone is making babycare more appealing. Shipping to US from babycare is quoted at $211 to the Midwest. My two cents: pick it up when you're in London and lug it back with you. . . .'Course my husband would kill me if I did that; he'd just pay the shipping.

Get it from www.babytrend.co.uk and pay about 1/3 of www.babycare.nl 's rates!!!

Thanks, Michelle. I've decided to hold off picking one up until I'm in London.

fwiw, re: baby dealz, i've recently experienced a clean, worry-free transaction - quinny zapp ordered apr 11th, shipped apr 19th. Unopened box shipped with all the accessories, including the maxi cosi cabrio adaptor.

for $229 ($0 shipping/taxes) to the west coast, compared to the alternative (~$200 in shipping alone from europe), if figured i'd take a chance. glad that baby dealz proved to be legit. as for warranty/service, i'm not getting my hopes up, judging from 2 unanswered phone calls placed prior to my order.

Anybody put a 4 year old in the Zapp yet? How is the leg room for a 40" child?

You can purchase the Zapp from www.babyproofingplus.com for $169.96 US ($199.99 CDN). They are in Ontario Canada but ship anywhere in the world. No tax and free shipping(!) until the 30th of April, 2006. Dark Red color only. All accessories included. Have'nt received mine yet but the guy on the phone was very pleasant.


My husband and I just received our Zapp which is great. I got it through an ebay store.
Our plan was to use the Zapp with the Maxi Cosi cars seat for our infant. We followed all the steps to remove the seat from the Zapp, put the adaptors on for the car seat and we clicked it on the base of the Zapp. Everything seemed great until we tried removing the car seat by pressing on the two side buttons of the carseat. It's virtually impossible to get off. I couldn't do it at all. My husband also had a very hard time. We are so frustrated right now. Can anyone offer any advice? Has anyone had the same experience? I'm hoping we just have a faulty Maxi Cosi car seat. I've done a ton of research and don't recall running across any complaints about how unfriendly it is to get the car seat off the frame of the Zapp.

Try using some (WD-40) or some other silicone. If that doesn't loosen it up enough or you rather not start greasing the pig, then place a foot on either the brake release or brake & release one side, then the next...

"Everything seemed great until we tried removing the car seat by pressing on the two side buttons of the carseat. It's virtually impossible to get off. I couldn't do it at all. My husband also had a very hard time. We are so frustrated right now. Can anyone offer any advice? Has anyone had the same experience?..."

I have this problem too, yet I still use the zapp instead of the buzz. I learned that you have to pull out a little from each size like a see-saw.. Its annoying and I dont remember a time yet that I have not struggled getting the carseat off.

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