March 31, 2006

Big Swingin' D

So I'm doing some dishes while the wife is getting the kid ready for her bath, when I hear this laughter erupting from the living room.

"Go show your daddy."

I turn around to see my daughter run in and snap into a wide-legged stance like a sumo wrestler or a haka-dancing rugby player.

Then she starts pumping her legs and goes, "Like a swing!"

As she gets her rhythm, the pee-soaked diaper drooping down between her legs starts swinging back and forth. She's laughing hysterically.

I mean, I knew she was daddy's girl, but this I did not expect. [And before you ask, no, she did NOT learn this trick from me. I turned in my Chippendale's union card looong before she was born.]

1 Comment

That's awesome! I can't wait until mine does that sort of thing.

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