March 30, 2006

c.1974 SD-455 Trans Am Onesie

trans_am_onesie.jpgMeanwhile, this black cotton bodysuit [the label looks like American Apparel] with a gold-printed Screamin' Chicken on it is patterned after the legendary Bandit, the 1976 Pontiac 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Trans Am, which was the first production model to feature the black and gold hood bird and the T-roof, more properly called Hurst Hatches [although intended for the whole 2400-car LE run, water leaks meant that only the first 642 cars run came with the Hatches].

The '76 Limited Edition was in turn patterned after the wildly successful 1974 SD-455 show car, which toured the country and whipped up a lot of Black and Gold excitement for the second generation Trans Am. Of course, the nickname "The Bandit" didn't really come along until 1977, when the movie came out. By then, Trans Am had dropped the standard 455 engine--the SD-455 was never offered on a production LE-- and had replaced the twin round headlights with quad rectangular ones, necessitating a redesign of the car's nose.

None of this has anything to do with babies; I'm just trying to recover some of the shop class cred I lost on that NASCAR post.

Screamin' Chicken Baby bodysuit in black and gold, $16.50 []
Go read up at TransAm Country and Hitman's 78 Trans Am page [,]


My first car was a '79 Firebird (no, I am not that old, it was fairly well used when I got it). I actually preferred the squared headlights. Differentiated the Firebird a bit more from the Camaro.

Living in the Buffalo area, I can remember a fair share of spin outs in that thing...

So, as I have been madly ironing-on graphics to my sons clothes, I have been looking for a good version of the screaming chicken for some time. This is perfect, and very timely.

Again, thank you!

LOVES it. That is seriously bad-ass.

The famous Black-and-gold show car can be seen at

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