March 30, 2006

4-4-5-4: A Travel Haiku

My wife flew into Dulles last night, and the kid and I went to meet her. It never fails to impress me how such an airport can be so goodlooking from afar, and such an annoying, unpleasant logistical experience when you're in it. Which at least gave the kid some material for a poem that, through the power of constant chanting, has entered our family lore:

Mommy got stuck."
[while shaking head vigorously] Bus doesn't move!
Somebody fixed it.
Mommy came out!


i like it! if you had a few dozen protesters and some placards, it would make a great chant for a march! (i don't know what the CAUSE would be, but i know a great chant when i hear one!)

Here's my Dulles almost-Haiku:

Boston asks thirty
Dulles forty-five
Minutes that is!
You're late? Too bad.

What an annoying airport!

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