March 27, 2006

Counting Shirt From Magis Me Too Collection

magis_counting_shirt.jpgMagis is best known for its futuristic pop
plastic furniture. [Futuristic in a retro sense, obviously, because all that polypropylene or whatever is made from the oil that'll bring on the apocalypse. Buy now while supplies last!]

Their Me Too! line of children's furniture includes some nice pieces like the Marcel Wanders drawing table, those dog-shaped chairs, that Aarnio Aibo-looking puppy thing. But in addition to some Dr. Evil-inspired futuristic clothing that your kid can wear on the 2001 Hilton Space Station, there are these cool t-shirts that only look upside-down to you. Now navelgazing can be almost as educational as staring at the television. Almost.

Surprisingly, there's nothing smaller than age 2. Don't these Italians realize that 6mo kids need to learn colors, too?

Magis Me Too summer to spring collection, available somewhere, I guess. [ via's jan]
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