March 27, 2006

Coming Soon To A Wal-Mart Diaper Near You


A notebook of illustrated poems by the 12-year old John Lennon will be auctioned on 19 April. This picture of a walrus from a verse by Lewis Carroll shows definitively that Lennon knew what a walrus was decades before he wrote that song.

If Yoko The Lennon Estate buys this back from whatever schoolmarm's been hoarding it for all these years, expect a collection of Walrus wallpaper borders and nightlight covers within six months.

Cooper Owen Auctioneers at Tussaud's Wax Museum, April 19
[ via guardian]

1 Comment

Pretty cool. I'm in the middle of reading The Beatles by Bob Spitz. Lennon probably could have made a career of art instead of music if his teachers had been able to channel his energies a little better. You can see he had some skill at 12.

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