March 24, 2006

Carstyles Of The Rich And Clueless

I'm gonna take a break from posting about generic diaper wipes and $12 Ikea tables to throw a little more fuel on the pyre. Jalopnik has a couple more cars that say "wayyy too much money and wayyyy too little sense". If you're driving one of these hacked up El Caminos when the revolution comes, you might as well save everyone the hassle and cut off your head yourself.

  • Here's one for the Audi Antagonistes: an Audi A4 pickup that looks like it just rolled off the set of an Art Of Noise video. Karma dictates that it will fold in half like a fortune cookie the first time this nimrod turns up a steep driveway.
  • This one: how can something made so well be oh so so wrong? An Aston Martin DB7 pickup...with a 4-door crew cab. [both from thecarbage gallery at]
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