March 23, 2006

Swiss Alphabet Cabinets [Sorry, No Umlauts]

set26_dt.jpgI can see it now, the day you knew would come: young Smirnoff asks you how you chose his name,

You shift uncomfortably in your seat. "Well, son, you see, the doctor told us we were having a girl, and we really liked the name Sofia, so we ordered that giant "S" cupboard--you know, the one in your room--from Switzerland. Then you were born, and you were a boy. And, well, we hadn't thought of any boy's names, and it's not like we could return the thing: I mean, it cost 1,700 euros PLUS shipping. And it weighs a ton, so we figured, 'we we're keeping it, let's make the best of this situation.' So we started looking around for a good boy's name that started with "S". And I kept coming back to Smirnoff, sooo... So yes, son, we named you after a piece of custom furniture. But we love you very much."

Get casework cabinets with custom combinations of doors, shelves and drawers in any letter of the alphabet and in any of five colors for around 1700 euros each from Set26. Width varies, but they're all 112cm high and 27cm deep. Note: even though they're coming from Switzerland, umlauts and that smushed together "ae" thing are not available. Sans-serif font, of course. [via jan, the dutch design shark behind]

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