March 23, 2006

Kids And Minimalism: At Home With The Judds


If you worry that having a kid's going to totally cramp your pristine minimalist loft style, you're right, and he will. But then, it even happened to the greatest minimalist of them all, so deal with it.

The Donald Judd Foundation has pretty much left this 5-story house/studio on Spring St in SoHo exactly the way it was after the artist died in 1994 [above, left]. But that's after the kids had grown up and gone to college. The inset picture is from around 1969, when the artist's son Flavin was a toddler, and may be a more accurate depiction of minimalism in the real world. See a larger version and more pics at the NYT.

Meanwhile, if you're looking to Judd up your house a bit, Matin Gallery in Beverly Hills has some of the artist's furniture on exhibit through April 8th. Beverly Hills ain't Camarillo, you say? True, but then, there's no such thing as a Judd Furniture Outlet anyway. And as DT reader and gallery director Robert points out, the Texas knotted pine pieces are about as affordable as Judd gets these days. AND they've been kid-tested by his 3-year-old daughter. Which is what's known in the business as a "patina."
The Proto-Loft, Reborn [nyt]
Donald Judd Furniture, Taizo Kuroda White Porcelain []

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