March 23, 2006

Children's Audio Books On MP3

As we all know, letting your kid see a television screen before he's two will fry his little brain. If he doesn't get into Harvard Class of '28, you'll be able to trace it back to that one half hour last week where you parked him in front of The Wiggles so you could get through that conference call.

Breaking out the earphones and letting him listen to some mp3's of children's stories on your iPod, oh the other hand, enhances his language development skills by stimulating the interstitial neurosynaptical--ah, whatever. There's media everywhere, whatrya gonna do? As long as he doesn't swallow your Nano, I'm sure he'll be fine. Parenthacks has a selection of links to some downloading sites.

Free iPod-ready stories for kids [parenthacks]

1 Comment

Thanks for the idea. My son loves the ipod. We unfortunatly spend lots of time at the doctor's office and nothing works better for the wait than the ipod. . . well, actually, packing along the laptop and plunking in a video works best but that seems a bit dramatic for a 40 min. wait.

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