March 21, 2006

New Jonathan Coulton: "Stroller Town"

With his mind on The Beach Boys on his hands on the Bugaboo, musician Jonathan Coulton has released a new song about a drag race with a Maclaren Techno XT. It's called "Stroller Town." and it is freakin' great.

[a quick sidebar about all the "freakin'" lately: the kid's been in a big mimicking phase these days, so I'm trying to be good. Please bear with me.]

Did you donate already for the classic that is "flickr"? Then this is your chance to double down. I know what you're thinking: "why donate to a guy who's already rolling the $700 stroller?" To correct a grave injustice. Rod Stewart's rolling his progeny around in a freakin' Ferrari Enzo, that's why, and unless you only bought Hootie albums in middle school, it's partly your fault. So cough it up.

Thing a Week 25 - Stroller Town [ mp3, via dt reader and jc megafan sarah]

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freakin' great.

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