March 21, 2006

Are You Listening To The Dad Podcasts?

USA Today had an article about parenting podcasts, which mentioned several dadcasts and dad-and-momcasts. Some dad-involved podcasts include: Who's Your Daddy?, Aaron Johnson and Cliff Knopik's show which has been mentioned here before; The SG Show, with Steve Gershik and his 8-yo son, Sam; David Gray's 101 Ways to Use Baby Wipes; Scott Sherman's Gay Parenting Podcast; and Two Boobs And A Baby, by the Delaneys, a Canadian husband-and-wife team [and, presumably, the two boobs in question. Get it?]

Ever since Brian's early adopter experiments with Rebel Dad Radio a year ago, I've been contemplating a call-in type audio component for Daddy Types that'd be available for podcast. But I've held off because, well, there's nothing more pathetic than a DJ who thinks he's fascinatingasks the audience to call in--and ends up talking to himself: "Today's scorching hot topic: do ferrets make good pets? Lines are still open...still. open...Please call me. Please? Mommy?"

So. Do you folks listen to the podcasts much, or are you too busy watching the MTV? Any thoughts? Lines are open...

Parents get together via iPod 'radio' [usat via 101uses]


I've listened to a few parenting podcasts. Unfortunately, like many parenting books, the ones that try to be funny...aren't. And the ones that are informative make me feel like I'm either listening to a Sex Ed lecture back in junior high or witnessing the frustrations of a B-list deejay. There are some good ones out there though. I look forward to checking out some of these daddycasts.

You seem to be the sort who understands what makes a good podcast. Entertaining, short, information-filled. Either a conversation format with 2+ people (preferably co-ed) or Audible-style dictation.

{it's interesting to go back and listen through some of the other guys' podcast archives. There's definitely some good stuff in there, and I'm assuming that unlike a lot of blog audiences, who Google and surf by, never to return, postcast audiences are latching on to people and personalities they click with/find interesting. Which I guess is me trying to find a polite way to say that so far, I haven't found a podcast I want to listen to all the way through. -ed.]

I've been listening to WYD almost from day one, and, like most shows, Aaron and Cliff have their ups and downs. Their sense of humor doesn't always mesh with mine, but it's great hearing two dads talk about fatherhood among other topics. They make a great team, and I think they would benefit from producing shows more often, but I appreciate that these are two working fathers doing this as a hobby. I think there's definitely room for more daddy podcasts, and if you like talking as much as you like writing, I'd say give it a shot.

[^^^^ lolol, my wife is rolling her eyes. a podcast and a guy who spends all day talking to a kid is a lethal combination. -ed.]

No time to listen to podcasts... I want to, and I download them occasionally, but they just gather dust on the computer.

I may have to side with Phil on this one. I have found a few (non parenting) podcast that I enjoy, and try to listen to when I remember to, but all too often, the auto-subscriptions on iTunes update all by themselves without me getting a chance to take a listen. DaddyTypes is probably my most visited site outside of though, so there is also a pretty good chance I'd take the time to check out any podcasts you did.

[On the other hand, I guess that gets me off the hook for not running a NCAA pool... -ed.]

There is "The Dad Podcast" by Justin and Bill. It's funny, and informative. You can hear their mistakes, and feel like your not doing so bad with your kids in comparison.

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