March 18, 2006

Tricky. Amazon Runs A $99/$30 Promotion For Pampers AND Luvs

pampers_swaddlers.jpg luvs_wipes.jpg

Now they've softened us up, they start freaking us out. Amazon has another in its line of "$99 diaper mountain now, $30 gift certificate later" promotions, only this time, it's for Pampers AND Luvs. Buy any combination of the qualifying products by March 31st, and you'll get $30 of Amazon-only cash sometime between May 11 and May 26th, which you'll need to spend by June 26th. Any questions?

Sounds like the only one who loses out is your UPS guy.

Shop for Pampers and/or Luvs, then read the details of the promotion.
OR read the details of the promotion, THEN shop for Pampers of Luvs, either way. [amazon via dt reader--and dealshark--david]


Buyer beware -- I got in under the gun on the last huggies promotion, ordering the last day it was open on 2/28. The diapers still haven't even SHIPPED, 3 weeks later. I tracked down a customer service number (a story in itself) and the girl there essentially said that since the order page says *usually* ships within 24 hours, that basically gave them carte blanche (sp?) to ship it whenever the hell they felt like getting around to it.

[here are some other firsthand accounts--good and bad--of people's experience with these promotions. -ed.]

My stuff shipped immediately to New York, and was even delivered on a "Saturday" via FedEx, and that was with choosing the free Amazon Super Saver option. 2 boxes arrived within 2 days, 1 box took an additional 2 days.

[I was down near Wall St last week and saw a UPS guy loading up his giant cart to go into Chase Plaza. It had 4 cases of Pampers on it, which I imagined were for those folks who don't have doormen and get their Amazon deliveries at work. -ed.]

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