March 14, 2006

Daddy Loves Baby Loves Disco

baby_loves_disco.jpgNot that I've been, mind you, but an actual club where you and your kid can shake your booty to 70's and 80's disco classics sounds like a winner. Baby Loves Disco was started in Philadelphia [aka the sixth borough!] by a once-clubhopping mom who wanted to share the joy of Gloria Gaynor with her son. The gig's a hit, and has since expanded to New York and has spawned a touring edition, too.

With both a DJ and a changing station, disco balls and a chill-out room full of tents, toys. and organic snacks, Baby Loves Disco sounds like a alternative for kids, parents, and families to hang out together with other families where the parents used to go out clubbing, once, too. Wow, suddenly it sounds really depressing. Hopefully, you'll be jumping around so much, you'll be able to drown out the anguished existential cries in your soul. Hey, just like in the old days!

Baby Loves Disco gigs are $10 a head (only the softest, non-walking heads get in free). Check the calendar; there's a Saturday afternoon gig coming soon to a club near you*. [ via dorkmag]

* offer valid only in Manhattan, B'burg, The Slope, Boulder, Chicago, and Philly.


Has anyone ever really referred to Philly as the 6th borough? If so, that would be hysterical.

As for Baby Loves Disco? I wish them all the best of luck. But don't you think it's just a matter of time before some little toddler finds a hit of Ecstasy on the floor and ingests it (comme les enfants de Jude Law et Sienna Miller?)

I can just picture it now. ("What's in your mouth, sweetie?" "Nothing, mommy! Just a tic tac I found wrapped in some tin foil behind the speakers!")

[gawker keeps the 6th boro thing alive; it's from a NYT Style section article. And I'm sure parents have read the helpful book, "It's Just A Pill" with their kids before they go. -ed.]

I'm still waiting for the baby raves, so I can pass down my whistle to my daughter.

Gotta get her some non-toxic glow sticks, too.

[be sure to boil your old pacifiers before you give them to her. -ed.]

I'm sorry - get a babysitter.

We received a bunch of hand me downs when our daughter was born a few months ago. In the pile was a pair of 3-6 month black satin jeans. We have often wondered why a 3-6 month old would need a pair of black satin jeans, Sadly, now we know.

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