March 6, 2006

You Can Take The Wiggles Out Of Australia...

Another installment in an ongoing exercise in futility: trying to wrap my adult head around The Wiggles and what the hell's going on with their show.

Here's what I understand:
1) Wiggles getting older [yet still dancing around in the same outfits]
2) Wiggles getting richer [but mostly from touring, dvd sales, and licensing]
3) Wiggles deciding they need to build a brand that isn't totally reliant on them as individuals.

1+2+3= a lot less Wiggles face time, and a lot more of the other characters, however annoying they may be.

What I couldn't figure out, though, was the whole Sicilia thing, which, with the spaghetti and opera singer and tarantella-dancing pirate crew, seemed to be a too-long, too-cheesy stereotype. Then, this morning, they had the same thing, only with Greece. I can only assume that they're capturing some idea of Aussie PC inclusiveness, making their show a little more representative of local AU audiences, now that Australians aren't all descended from British criminals anymore.

That, or we find out that Captain Feathersword is really the brains behind the whole operation, and he's starting to flex a little muscle.

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Even more perplexing to me is that they think that burritos are Italian, huh?

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