March 6, 2006

Da' Coyotes

Coyotes have moved into Chicago. Apparently drawn from the outer fringe suburbs by plentiful food sources, the urban coyote population is up by 3000% in the last ten years. Top on the coyotes' menu: the booming population of wild babies which have overrun the city's coffee shops. As far as Smithsonian Magazine can figure, no one's complaining much.

City Slinkers [smithsonian mag via boingboing]
Previously: Dingo, Schmingo: It's the coyotes I'm worries about
Baby Gangland warfare erupts in Chicago Restaurants

1 Comment

Yeah, sure, no one's complaining yet. When it happens in Austin, the complaints don't start until you start "managing" the population of coyotes to keep the kids safe:
(and many follow-up letters to the editors...)


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