March 5, 2006

Hey, Anything That Involves More Time, They're All For

There's a generational shift afoot, where dads are interested in being more involved in raising their kids, and are--or will be--increasingly willing to make the kinds of tough work/life balancing decisions that women have been grappling with for decades now. What do men really want for their families? Time. What's their most pressing demand for employers? Time. With forces pulling them in every which direction, what do they really feel is missing? Time. Time. Time. Time. More Time.

Now, I'm all for it; I believe it, and I see and hear about it online, from friends, at playgrounds and school sidewalks, everywhere. So why am I just a little skeptical when I read it in this magazine?

Bring On The Daddy Wars: How the younger generation of fathers is starting to wrestle with its own juggling dilemma -- and why that's a good thing [Time via rebeldad]

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"In fact when you hear a man talking publicly about wanting to spend more time with his family, you know he's gotten in some serious trouble on the job."

That, and the fact that the article was written by a Nancy Gibbs (not a name you'd give a boy, but I could be wrong), tells you all you need to know about the article.

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