March 2, 2006

On A Bicycle Built For Two [Kids]


Throw on your clogs, put Inka and Willem on the back and head out across Breukelen to do your shift at the Ko-op on this Pack-Max Duo, the extended wheelbase version of the Dutch Pack-Max family bicycle. No matter what it is, the Dutch seem to have a bike to transport it with.

Pax-Max Duo bicycle, EUR1100 [ via swissmiss and Mrs. Brownstoner]
Previous: Bakfiets: dutch family bike for the fellas


I am in love with this whole-family-on-a-bike thing. So much more appealing than an SUV, right? We spent a week in Amsterdam in 2003 and I was obsessed with the mommy cyclists. I still wonder how I can find a cruiser with a cool chain guard like those. A year later, when I eventually rode my very pregnant self to a nearby cafe in Berkeley, thinking "Hey, the Dutch do it all the time," I felt incredibly watched, like I was being a bad mother. Oh well, it was good practice for becoming a bad mother later.

Another bad mother here. Rode my bike until I was 8-moths pregnant. When I added my 4-year-old to the load on top of my wobbly self, a bunch of stuff on my fancy Giant broke mid-course--which prompted the guys at the bike repair shop to declare that "obviously, the Giant Trekker is for sissies". Now the Pax-Max Duo seems like the way to go to me. And the price ain't bad for a a bike that, like parenting, is not for sissies...

We're Dutch and proudly riding a Dutch family bike in Park Slope. Our version is similar to the one pictured above, but without the two attached child seats (we have a detachable child seat, which was easier to transport to the US).

The bike was imported as checked luggage - for once those immigration officers smiled!

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