March 2, 2006

Do Kids Really Rock The Boots OK?

timberland_baby_boots.jpgWe saw some kid-sized Doc Martens the other day, and it brought back all kinds of painful memories of limping home at the end of the day from school, suffering for what seemed like forever for the boots to get broken in. Has anyone's kid ever managed to wear these things? How'd it go?

If Docs are an unlikely footwear choice for kids, Timberlands are everywhere. I always see toddlers, even babies, sporting classic waterproof boots around town, just like their dads'. If your kid's not actually walking yet, and these are pure fashion shoes, that's one thing. But while kids are still learning to stand and walk, you're supposed to lay off the stiff-soled shoes; they need to be able to feel and react to the surfaces under them, and lug soles don't let that happen.

But if your kid's walking alright, maybe it's just a matter of him--or her--needing a day or two to get used to having his ankles immobilized. We got the kid some little black Kenneth Cole boots that zip up the side, and for the first couple ol wears, she walked like a cat with tape on its paws. Now, though, she puts them on by herself. You'll know when it's OK to load up your Envoy with some little 'kickers.

Toddler Waterproof 6in Boot Wheat Nubuck, $50 []
The kid's Kenneth Coles don't have this freaky heart on them []


The first thing the little man ever asked for in a store was a pair of sherpa lined boots. As soon as he had them on he started running around the store like he'd died and seen the promised land. He's 1 1/2 and he wears the friggers everywhere (and that's saying something cause we live in FL and there's no such thing as winter)

I bought my daughter some Doc Marten Mary Janes (these are girls' shoes with a single strap over the top). I was really worried about break-in time, also! But weirdly there seemed to be none. I got them a little bit big (so I was also worried that she'd trip more than usual), and that might have helped -- by the time she grew into them they were already broken in? She loves them, even though they are not pink and do not have sparkles. I figure I'll buy a new pair once a year, since they're really sturdy (as we all know) and they're getting a lot of use.

I bought a pair of brown Doc Martens (5-eye) for my first daughter when she was about 2 1/2 years old. I was worried about break-in time as well... but there was no problem, she wore them through fall and winter. Two years later, we passed them down to daughter #2... wore them through the same seasons AND they survived a rough and tumble Montessori playground. Now they are put away for my son. They look just as good as ever (thanks to the DM wonder balm). I LOVE these shoes... stylish and sturdy and looks so friggin' cute in the shoe-cubby at school!

My boy was put in 4 eylet Doc marin boots at the age of 4. They were a little stiff at first and made him walk a bit funny, but in a short while he was ok and the break in time was not long.Since then he has worn doc martin boots all the time except for school when he wears doc martin shoes. He has progressed over the years in higher leg doc martin boots and at age 8 we brougt him his first 10 eyelet boots. Today he is 13 and wears regularly 14 eyelet doc martin boots and also has just got his first 20 eyelet boots.

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