February 28, 2006

"Rokke" Is Danish For Stingray, Rocking Chair

stingray_rocker.jpgWhen he first designed it in 2004, Thomas Pedersen originally named this rocker for the animal whose shape inspired it, the stingray, which is called the "Rokke" in Danish. Which is pronounced "rock." Get it? Rokke chair? Rocking chair? Anyway, I'm sure they're still laughing about it Copenhagen two years later.

Like the Eames shell rocker that clearly came before it, the Stingray was originally molded out of fiberglass. Now it's vacuum-molded plastic [of an extremely high quality, no doubt--see below] and chromed steel. It's designed to provide a relaxing, restful escape, so unlike the Eames, there's plenty of upper back and shoulder support.

You can see models lounging in the Stingray on Pedersen's studio site. Personally, I'd like to see models getting up out of that bad boy after finally rocking the kid to sleep. That's the real test.

Babygeared has the Stingray for $1,950 in black or white, and the sheepskin you see artfully draped across it is another $325. [Even if you don't want the little $20 sheepskins from Ikea, I'd suggest shopping around a bit when doing your accessorizing.]

Stingray Rocker, $1,950
Pedersen's SPARK studio at LYNfabrikken - go to butik, then furniture. pesky flash... [lynfabrikken.dk via apartment therapy]

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