February 28, 2006

D'Oh! Dope Dad Dopes Up Kid During Daytime

So some clueless dad who apparently can't read a label inadvertently gave his daughter nighttime cold medicine after lunch, and --duh--all but knocked her out for the rest of the day. He just posted his sob story on dadcentric and --oh, wait. It was me.

D'oh, No, The Red PIll [dadcentric]

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yeah, inadvertanly... sure... that's the oldest dad trick in the book, next to "Yeah, this GameBoy is for the boy", "But he's only 6 months old!"

Of course, the D'oh part is now she'll be "Up All Night, Sleep All Day" - wasn't that a 90s Hair Band song?

[yeah, I just gave her Benadryl before bed, so it wasn't a problem. -ed.]

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