February 28, 2006

Business Travel With The Kids: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others...

A great tease of an article in the NYT today about how many parents take their kids along on business trips. There's the author mom who took her one-year-old on a book tour to New Zealand where the publicist who'd offered to tend the kid during readings [Prada-clad, also, "redolent of Chanel fragrance"] clearly had no idea what she was in for. Then there are the two moms who park their kids in classes at the RItz Carlton and the Peninsula Beverly Hills.

Then there's the dad, an MD at Citigroup--in Manhattan--who brings his family into town--from Westchester--and puts them up at the Gansevoort so he can keep working.

Can you tell which thing is not like the others? Hint: it does not involve the use of "redolent" in daily conversation.

The Stress/Fun Equation of Bringing Children on Business Trips [nyt]


My wife travels every 6 weeks or so -- mostly to NYC from Boston, but sometimes abroad. Before the twins were born, I would usually tag along, since she stays in nice hotels, and my job is flexible. Now, I'm a 75% SAHD, and we've talked about what age we want to start bringing the girls with us (they're 11 months). If I were to go with her to NYC next week, we'd spend most of the time in the stroller strollign aorund the city. Good for me, not for them. And staying in the hotel room ain't happening.

I figure in the summer, a nice NYC weekend is easy to do, but the week in Australia. the time change just isn't worth it for 1 week.

Oh, and the fact that we have twins sort of complicates everything...

I think it's a blast to do it to certain cities. The wife and son go to Fiesta Texas while I do business in San Antonio, or go to Sea World in San Diego or..err...I guess that could also be another San Antonio example.

What's up with all the town's starting with "San" anyway? I seem to have to go them a lot.

Where was I?

[if it's Wednesday, this must be San Jose -ed.]

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