February 28, 2006

And Suddenly The Whole Ferrari Enzo Crash In Malibu Becomes Clear

ferrari_enzo_malibu.jpgThe mystery of the Great Ferrari Crash has been the talk of the 'Bu for the last week [Remember, The 'Boo = Bugaboo, The 'Bu = Malibu. Still with me? Greeeat.] A failed Swedish video game designer named Stefan Eriksson was in a Ferrari Enzo, a $1.5 million limited production masterpiece [one of only 400 made], when it got airborne on PCH in Malibu--going either 120 or 162 mph, depending--hit a telephone pole, and disintegrated into a 1500-foot-long stretch of debris.

So where's the mystery, you ask? Where to start? Eriksson headed for the hills after the accident, prompting a police manhunt. It's not clear who was driving (Steffan insists it was someone he knew only as 'Dietrich'.); it's also not clear who actually owns title to the car, or whether it's even street legal in the US at all [Correction: that's not a mystery. It's not.] Was the Ferrari drag racing another car, a Mercedes SLR, perhaps? And what about the gun clip and the blood and on and on.

Fortunately, Jalopnik's wrapped itself around the story like, well, like a Ferrari around a telephone pole, and they linked to today's investigative update from the LA Times: " Carol Moss, a longtime Malibu resident, activist and meditation group leader, said the accident came as no surprise."

And suddenly, satori. The mystery was solved. It all seemed so familiar, like we'd lived through this before story before. Like we were repeating these familiar motions over and over. Like the sound of one hand clapping. Because it was in an identical Ferrari Enzo that Penny Lancaster had rushed to the fertility clinic with the vital vial that she and her husband Rod Stewart had just produced "privately, you know, intimately."

The Plot Thickens in Ferrari Crash [latimes]
More details on Ferrari Crash [jalopnik]


Slow the F*** Down

Do you want to die??????

It is a sports car but leave it on the track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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