February 27, 2006

Brooklyn Baby Store Bankruptcy Auction: Everything Must Go! Tomorrow, 2/28


MB Furniture Discount Store was in business for over 50 years in Brooklyn, until it went bankrupt. Now, all the contents of their retail location AND their warehouse are being sold at auction TOMORROW, Tuesday 2/28 at 11:00 AM. The warehouse sale is Thursday, 3/2 at 11AM. Each joint opens at 9AM on the day of sale for inspection

I have no idea what they'll have or what it'll be like, but there are hundreds of lots of furniture and gear--including like 100 diaper warmers, for the cold-assed ebayers among you--and I do see a red Stokke Xplory [far left] and a Bugaboo banner [I want] in the pic above. Also have no idea what the crowd will be like, but I do know that you have to have 25% of your winning bids ready on the spot in cash or equivalent.

Check the auctioneer's site for more pics, detailed terms, and the complete-but-vague list of lots for sale. If you get anything, let me know.

MB Furniture Bankrupty Auction
[maltzauctions.com via dt friend hunter]
RETAIL STORE: Tuesday 2/28 at 11:00 AM, 2811 U Avenue, Brooklyn
WAREHOUSE: Thursday 3/2 at 11:00 AM, 835 Remsen Avenue, Brooklyn

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