February 24, 2006

Donald Judd In The Nursery?


Maybe it's not just for Lubbock Texans anymore. I've been a huge fan of Donald Judd's work for a long time, particularly his furniture, which, though it uses the vocabulary of his minimalist sculpture, he considered to be a distinct, functional body of work. The clean lines and geometries have a great presence, but with only a couple of exceptions, I'd have to say it's not actually very practical. It's furniture by a sculptor that looks better than it works.

But don't let that stop you from getting a bid ready on this especially nursery-friendly set of Judd furniture that's coming up at auction next month at Christie's London [the King St. location, btw]. The blue, yellow, and orange [red?] chairs and benches are made of enamelled steel, so watch those corners.

And hide the markers and crayons. The estimate is 7,000 - 9,000 pounds, plus around 20% buyer's premium. It says "designed in 1984," but there's no mention of when the stuff was made or sold. It matters, though, because even though it's not limited edition work, prices for pieces made before the artist's death in 1994 go for more than the ones after, which have a "Judd Estate" stamp.

Donald Judd - Chair, Shelf, and Bench, est. 7-9,000 pounds, March 23, 2006 [christies.com]

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