February 24, 2006

But Then, Who Thinks Moonraker: The Movie Was A Good Idea, Either?

vw_dork.jpg moonraker_bond.jpg

The new VW ads are hilariously hooooooooorrrriiibbblle. Is this really what you get when you put a bunch of out-of-touch Germans in a Malibu house for a year with a bunch of whiteboards?

They've been on Comedy Central the last week or so, but they're online, too. Consumerist has them.

New VW Ads in Da Haus
Previously: VW's Moonraker Project: aka The Real World - Malibu


I think the whole idea was to be hilariously horrible, just like the Burger King ads (from the same ad company no less).

Love them.

[i don't doubt it, but I think VW needs to get its sh*t together before they start making fun of themselves. -ed.]

Is this the same group responsible for the Mentos ads?

Whaaa... Best Auto Advert ever!!!

But I'm a girl so it does not count.

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