February 23, 2006

Meanwhile, Elsewhere In The New York Times,

lubbock_horse.jpgA small boy, 3, lives with his artsy parents, three vintage Eames rockers [with refurbished Modernica bases], and an unidentified modernist Ikea rocking horse in a corrugated steel house of his father's design in Lubbock, TX. The father's book, seven years of drawings of the Donald Judd sculptures of Marfa, is forthcoming.

A Corrugated House in a Sunburned Land [nyt]

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Looks like an Ikea horse to me...of course the only relative I can find online at the moment is a 'rocking moose' on the Canada site. How appropriate!

[yeah, at first I thought it was Ikea, too, but when it didn't show up anywhere, I changed it to "unidentified." Google Images changed it back, though. thanks. -ed.]

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