February 22, 2006

The Kid Loves The Bollywood

Just because I complain about exploitative astroturf publicity campaigns for ineffective children's safety products being outsourced to India doesn't mean I don't like India.
Or outsourcing, for that matter.

Why just this morning, I happily outsourced my kid's entertainment for ten minutes to the Bollywood film music industry, which delighted her with their choreographicalicious stylings. This song demonstrates the Indian film industry's ingenuity and creative use of a tight budget.

Because as any experienced director can tell you, if you only have $100 to spend on a music video, don't waste it trying to show your 100 synchronized dancers with on expensive cranes or dolly shots; shooting it in the mountains gives you all the crazy angles you need. Better to take the budget and pour it all into the costumes.

Crazy Indian Music Video [videobomb via robotwisdom]
For the full experience, wake your kid up on Saturday mornings to watch Namaste America or Desi Jams. [namastetv.com]


I freaking love Bollywood

The Nipper's nanny grew up in India, so he's been listening to Bollywood tunes since he was 9 months (and now we'll throw something on for ourselves, too). Nothing beats driving around palying a re-mix of Dum Maro Dum with your kid singing backup "hare Krishna hare hare...."


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