February 22, 2006

Score One For The 'Burbs: Sweet Modern Playshed From Velocity

velocity_playshed.jpgHow much would a beautifully designed modernist space, complete with optional custom-finished panelling, a ring of clerestory windows, and a thoroughly usable deck cost in Manhattan? Depending on the neighborhood (and the block, and the building amenities, of course) you could easily spend a couple grand a month and be proud of your sweet deal.

So when I find out that the pre-fab Modern Playshed costs only $2,995--and that's a one-time payment, not per month!--I have to sigh. the Modern Playshed is designed by parent/architect Ryan Grey Smith, and it's produced in collaboration with Velocity Art & Design. Velocity's out of Seattle, an exotic dreamland on the other side of the Hudson where, they tell me, people have both an appreciation of modern design and vast tracts of land they call "backyards." If only the subway stopped there, I'd pay it a visit. I wonder what the weather's like...

Modern Playshed, $2,995 with free shipping [!] [velocity art & design via dt reader mimi]

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