February 22, 2006

Daddy's Nuts!

The last few months, the kid's gotten into possessives and attributions. It's not just her "jacket," but her "Gramma's jacket, she bought it in France." "Susan's fleece," etc. There's "Mommy's bed" and "Mommy's chair," but for reasons we can't figure out sometimes, a lot of stuff is daddy's. To wit:

  • Daddy's smelly shoes [the Pumas, actually]
  • Daddy's zoo [we always go, ok]
  • Daddy's library [ditto, but Mommy goes, too, you know]
  • Daddy's khakis [busted]
  • Daddy's 'puter [busted again]
  • Daddy's nuts [wha wha whaa?? Of course she's talking about the nuts in the peanut butter or candy bar or Planter's jar she sees but can't eat until she's "little older, little bigger, turn three," but still. I hope she doesn't start chanting that at the pre-school interview.]


    wait -- are you supposed to hold off on nuts until three or just two??

    [who knows? says 1 for peanuts and nuts, unless "you or your mate"--aka mom or dad, respectively--has a peanut allergy, then it's 3. KidsHealth.org says 2-3 if there are allergic tendencies. Meanwhile, total randoms on a totally random message board--I know, pot, kettle, right?--say "One. No, wait! 4-5!" We'll see if we hold off till 3, but for the moment it's easier than saying, "wait until you're 2.5." -ed.]

    As in "Daddy's scrotum?" or as in "Daddy's emotionally unstable?"

    [as in "daddy's honey-roasted cashews," but thanks for asking -ed.]

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