February 22, 2006

The Other K-12: The Kid Visits Katsucon

The wife had just left for a work-related, um, con in Japan, and I was on kid duty, so when it turned out that one of the biggest anime, video games, Japan-pop, and cosplay conferences on the east coast was...
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Score One For The 'Burbs: Sweet Modern Playshed From Velocity

How much would a beautifully designed modernist space, complete with optional custom-finished panelling, a ring of clerestory windows, and a thoroughly usable deck cost in Manhattan? Depending on the neighborhood (and the block, and the building amenities, of course) you...
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Daddy's Nuts!

The last few months, the kid's gotten into possessives and attributions. It's not just her "jacket," but her "Gramma's jacket, she bought it in France." "Susan's fleece," etc. There's "Mommy's bed" and "Mommy's chair," but for reasons we can't figure...
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The Kid Loves The Bollywood

Just because I complain about exploitative astroturf publicity campaigns for ineffective children's safety products being outsourced to India doesn't mean I don't like India. Or outsourcing, for that matter. Why just this morning, I happily outsourced my kid's entertainment for...
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How Not To Market Your Baby Product To Me

One of the most powerful motivating forces in a new parent's life is fear: fear of doing something wrong, fear of something happening to your baby, fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of the kid not getting into...
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Random Data Shows TV's Just Fine For Kids

And by "TV" they mean "Milton Berle," and by "fine," they mean "didn't lower their performance on standardized high school tests forty years ago." In order to get a control group of kids who actually didn't watch television, two University...
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The Kid Loves Bears, The Kid Loves Tofu. So Naturally...

... the kid should love a Tofu Bear, right? It's made from SOYSILK¨∆, a registered trademark name for some kind of soybean byproduct that somehow gets spun into plush fabric. The bear is plain white, with absolutely no distinguishing...
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