February 21, 2006

gDiapers? Now It's Official: The g Is For "Green"

gdiapers.jpgWe all know how, by 2025, global warming will be so severe, that the ocean levels will rise and the only thing that can possibly save the cities along the eastern seaboard from destruction will be giant levees of disposable diapers, right? Well fortunately, the construction of those levees is well underway.

The only real threat comes from diapers that don't contribute to this vital landfill initiative, but that dissolve with a quick swizzle and can be flushed right down the toilet. Of course, I'm speaking of gDiapers.

People debated the dangers gDiapers posed to the landfill industry, and there were some doubters. But now, it's official: after an extremely rigorous analysis of their entire production-useage-disposal process, gDiapers have become the first consumer product to receive Cradle-to-Cradle certification for sustainability from MBDChttp://. It's a pretty big deal for the folks at Treehugger, which means it's a big deal for everyone who cares about our future supply of disposable plastic diaper mountains.

gDiapers: Cradle to Cradle [gdiapers blog via treehugger]
Whoa, the starter kit is $5 off through Wednesday. Today. at gDiapers [gdiapers.com]
Previously: Flushable Australian gDiapers Threaten American Landfill Industry


I bought a bunch of gdiapers and think they're great--especially for skinny babies like my boy (most diapers gap on him when he's laying down). They are fairly absorbant but I would still use disposable at night. At least I'm cutting down on the disposables....

We've decided we're going to give gDiapers a try, as well. We are currently doing a cloth service (which is the same per month no matter how many you use) and disposable at night and sometimes when we're out.

Economically, I think gDiapers will make more sense than a service, based on our usage. Plus, it seems it may be better for diaper rash..??

My wife's still not sure about the composting, but we'll see.

Very cool. We use cloth at home, and sposies for daycare, but I'm glad to see these guys getting more good press. If people can't be bothered with cloth, this is pretty close!

I was so excited to try these that I placed an order at 10:30 p.m. CST Wednesday evening. They arrived at my house today (Thursday) at 1:00 p.m. - this was standard shipping. How did they do it? Awesome.
I can't wait to try them out.

[I'm tellin' ya, ya gotta watch out for these inscrutable Australians... -ed.]

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