February 21, 2006

gDiapers? Now It's Official: The g Is For "Green"

We all know how, by 2025, global warming will be so severe, that the ocean levels will rise and the only thing that can possibly save the cities along the eastern seaboard from destruction will be giant levees of disposable...
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Q: Do Men Buy Baby Clothes?

I've been emailing with Nick, a dad who, with his baby momma, launched Tricky & Titch a very clean and well-done line of baby clothes. They're smile-inducing, but not ROTFLMAO funny, and they've got a very clean, non-fussy design sense....
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Baby Boom Contributes To Hamptons Summer Rental War?

Uh, I guess I'm not going to dispel the notion that I'm writing for an elitist demographic this week... According to one realtor talking to the NY Post, one of the reasons there's a run on good summer rentals in...
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MB Conversions: Family Cars For People With More Money Than Sense

I know what you're thinking: How can something so wrong feel so utterly, completely, and unflinchingly wrong? Via Jalopnik, here's a shoutout to the Mazda5 crowd, the wise folks who, when they think of dropping six figures for something, expect...
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"We're On A Mission From Dan Snyder"

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder also owns 12% of Six Flags, the money-losing theme park company, and after a proxy fight, he finally gave management the boot and installed his boy Mark Shapiro, who'd previously been in charge of programming...
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