February 19, 2006

The Blogfathers: It's Strictly Parenting Business

For someone with Laid Off in his name, Doug's sure keeping busy. Looks like the teeth have come in at the Opinionated Parenting joint he does for Oxygen!, and this week he [joined the newly] launched The Blogfathers, a group blog stareted by Alan over at Because I'm Your Father that's got a lot of familiar faces. Or at least familiar handles. Because just like the Mafia, most of the characters in the dadblogging underworld have colorful nicknames.

Of course, since it's all up and running and what not, and yet I only heard about it this week, I think I'm gonna play it safe for a while by avoiding massage tables and revolving doors.

The Blogfathers: Dads You Can't Refuse [theblogfathers.com]

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Thanks for the mention, but we must bestow credit where it belongs. Blogfathers is the brainchild of Alan over at BIYF, who conceived and designed just about everything.

I'm just one of the lieutenants, lurking around town and taping guns on the undersides of changing tables.

[ah, and when I searched my gmail, I did find a mention that got inadvertently routed to spam. And Alan's post about the launch is sitting unread in my newsreader. I just need to know which ring to kiss, that's all. -ed.]

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