February 18, 2006

Nirvana Onesie*

nirvana_onesie.jpgNo sooner do I write about how cool these 80's punk bands were, than do I realize that, for all you young whippersnappers care, I might as well be pining for Lawrence Welk Onesies. So for all you MySpace types who can't imagine The MTV with actual music videos, here is a well-executed yellow Nirvana smile Onesie* for your consideration.

Also consider that you'll have a line item on your credit card statement--and a package delivered to your house by your postal carrier or UPS guy, who you'll have to see again--from an outfit called TrendyHats.com. Totally your call.

Nirvana Smile Onesie, $16.75 [trendyhats.com, also available in baby format: Bob Marley, Good Charlotte, Aerosmith (?), and the Beastie Boys. Korn is currently out of stock. Also, Hootie fans, keep on Googling!]

* Check with TrendyHats.com to see if it is, in fact, a Onesie-brand bodysuit as advertised. Onesie and Onesies are registered trademarks of Gerber Childrenswear, Inc., and you'd just as soon oil-wrassle with Courtney Love as get on the wrong side of Gerber's corporate counsel.


Or if you're a geek, They Might Be Giants has cute onesies and other kid goodies at their shop :)

[that'd be Onesies¨∆, Heather, except TMBG calls them "rompers," so they must be some non-Gerber brand. The price of intellectual property is eternal vigilance. -ed.]

I love TMBG! I have some of these other types of rompers, but hadn't checked out TMBG for kids wear. I wish thinkgeek.com had more baby stuff. *sigh*

But where are the Beastie Boys toddler t's?

Also love the Sonic Youth/Jimi Hendrix/Billy Bragg oneies and tees at babywit.com. It's worth it just for the label which reads "you may not be cool but your baby can be," which pretty much sums me up.

I love Billy's music, but my love of him flagged when I went to one of his shows where he was selling a $45 sweat shirt that said "Capitalism is killing rock and roll".

[I think I saw someone wearing that while climbing into a Rolling Stones Edition Mercedes R-Class the other day. -ed.]

Why would that fail to amaze me?

That Nirvana onesie is very cool. Just to update this post I work at Trendyhats.com. The Nirvana onesie is closed to completely sold out but there are many new ones. New Bob Marley onesies, Marvin Gaye onesies, Jimi Hendrix, Sublime, and fan favorite Johnny Cash. All of these are also available in Toddler Tees.

As for the post above looking for Beastie Boys Toddler Tees, we have them as well...very cool

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