February 18, 2006

Arizona Punk Rock Flyers Not Yet Available On Onesies


What are the odds? To what does this amazing collection of early 80's punk rock flyers and ephemera from Tucson owe its very existence? A deeply involved hardcore scenester [like the guitar player in a local band]. Who had an appreciation and passion for trading flyers and t-shirts and tape art [heh, like album cover art]. And early-onset packrat tendencies. And who was able to maintain a string of residences and/or keep up his storage unit rent and/or stayed on the good side of his parents [who had to have an archive-friendly basement]. AND who didn't, in twenty-plus years ever succumb to the temptation, as the man himself, Bill Cuevas, puts it, to "[give] them all to a girlfriend's punk rock little sister." Of course, Tuscon's dry climate helped.

Black Flag. Husker Du. The Circle Jerks. TSOL. In three clicks I'm suddenly a 15-year-old buzzcut poseur again, and I love it. I have to assume that the guy maintaining this treasure trove doesn't have any kids, otherwise he might have already been inspired to silkscreen some of these gems onto some Onesies, and then I could just link to them in a fit of teen dad nirvana. Or maybe the Jody Foster's Army t-shirt in kid's sizes is the right place to start.

image: Raymond Pettibon flyer for Black Flag, altered by the locals in Tucson. audio from this concert is available. yow.
Arizona hardcore punk rock flyer archive 1982-1984 [shavedneck.com via coudal]
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oh, and i forgot to mention for the sake of the two people that are into this sort of thing and don't already know - even henry has a blog.

oooooh, him and ian hung out with joan jett this week. brian, apparently, wasn't invited.

[I just sawa Henry in episode #3 of Pancake Mountain, which he links to from his site, whoa. Also, he has Search & Destroy t-shirts in infant and toddler sizes. Whoa again. -ed.]

The difference being that I have no idea why anyone would want to read anything that Henry has to say.

It was a pretty good scene, and I would love to have some pictures of what I used to look like going to see the Meat Puppets, Green on Red, etc. to horrify my daughter with some day. FYI, it's "Tucson."

[d'oh, thanks. -ed.]

Robert, it's sad, I was just thinking how few pictures of me from those days there are...

[maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it. never mind the buzzkills... -ed.]

>I have to assume that the guy maintaining this treasure trove doesn't have any kids, otherwise he might have already been inspired to silkscreen some of these gems onto some Onesies.

ha ha! mine just turned 12 a week ago.

never did any silkscreening but i did feel obligated to scrawl an anarchy "A" with a sharpie on the little skull cap the hospital adorned him with when they kicked us out after 24 hours. on a cold rare snowy night in seattle.

on his own, without intervention, he has "discovered" skateboarding and green day within the last year. and suddenly the bad religion retrospective i gave him two years ago is cool...

good. i never skated, despite hanging with jfa and that whole scene. last thing i'd ever want is my kid to end up like me.


Rollins apparently made news in Australia this week for calling the prime minister a sissy.

Check it out.

jefferson parkerson just visited me as an old friend... he's from arizona..

anyway, bf audio is available ? how ?

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