February 18, 2006

Goodnight, Cheerios?

From that first, tentative moment when the kid tried to pick one up, I wondered what kids ate before there was Cheerios. It's the archetypal first finger food, after all, and it seems somehow indispensible. Of course, it's not, and...
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Local Man Drives Bugaboo, Dares You Not To Look At His Crotch

Uh, wow. Dateline Los Angeles. An unidentified old man was seen driving a yellow and blue Bugaboo Cameleon along the boardwalk. In another incident, the same old man was spotted on La Brea or someplace with a Graco SnugRide...
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Live From The Westminster Hair Teasing Show

This dog's name, some of you will be pleased to know, is Ch Bugaboos Big Resolution. See more of Eliot Shepard's photos from the Westminster Dog Show at the NY Observer. Seriously. [observer.com]...
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Nirvana Onesie*

No sooner do I write about how cool these 80's punk bands were, than do I realize that, for all you young whippersnappers care, I might as well be pining for Lawrence Welk Onesies. So for all you MySpace types...
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Arizona Punk Rock Flyers Not Yet Available On Onesies

What are the odds? To what does this amazing collection of early 80's punk rock flyers and ephemera from Tucson owe its very existence? A deeply involved hardcore scenester [like the guitar player in a local band]. Who had...
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