February 17, 2006

Give Me Some Of Your Tote A Tots

I'm sure you know the boilerplate deal by now: for the first nine months, the man is off the hook while the woman hauls the baby around. In exchange for this--and for pushing the kid out or having her bikini...
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Blogging Your Way To A Nobel Prize?

Looking past the glare of the NY Times spotlight last week [fyi, the article was apparently just republished in the Chicago Tribune, in case you don't want to give $2.95 to the Times to read about me going to the...
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No Rest For The Wiggles? A Dad's Plea

I've been planning to devote my copious spare time to a season-by-season critical analysis of The Wiggles. Partly, it boggles my filmmaking mind sometimes how poorly produced some of the shows are, but if the kid's happy, I'm willing to...
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