February 16, 2006

Let Us Now Praise Famous Crib Critics


A reading from the 2006 Community Playthings catalogue, in which Cameron's words of praise for the Community Crib warm the hearts of CP marketers and value-minded crib buyers alike: "'This crib is so beyond cool as to be icy.' - DaddyTypes, the weblog for new dads"

Previously; God Bless You And Your Sweet $300 Maple Crib


I actually have this crib, and yet it does look very nice. Clean lines and all that. However, if you buy the plexi-glass one as we did, you have to harden yourself to the fact that your sleepy baby will sometimes not realize that the plexi-glass is there and bonk into it. Also--it's on the small side, and the drop down version has plastic bars on the drop down side and not wooden ones. In restrospect, I don't think I would have got the drop down one, since I hardly ever use it.

[lol, I have to say, that bonking thing sounds like a feature, not a bug. -ed.]

Was that me?

[yeah. but you originally said "stuff," so we changed it to "crib". Hope you don't mind... -ed.]

Hardly an issue, I've been edited worse than that before... an editor at a daily here turned my article on censorship and banned records into a shopping list for the police morality squad...

So, I get cheap maple stuff for Lucas' room, right? ;)

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