February 16, 2006

I May Be On The Radio, Or I May Be Totally Busted

Because it's the Satellite Sisters, who are like The View, only related and on the radio, I'm half expecting to get on the phone this afternoon and find I've been punk'd by the guys from Dadcentric for being a big ol' publicity whore,

Not being too familiar with the mechanics of live talk radio, though, I don't know when to tell you to listen in in which market, but I don't think all you Sisters regulars out there will need too much help figuring it out.

Satellite Sisters on ABC Radio

[update: OK, I think it was real, because I was just talking with them, and it wasn't all embarassing questions and what not, so you might want to check your local listings for rebroadcasts and delayed broadcasts of the show. ]



ask them why isn't there a satellite sisters podcast for those of us who don't listen to the radio anymore :-)

Are you going on before or after Pete Schweaty?

[considering we talked about men's rooms for half the time, it was all I could to to not mention Schweaty Balls myself. -ed.]

Crap! Jason totally took my joke, dammit!

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