February 16, 2006

On The Bright Side, At Least He Didn't Call It A Minivan

DT reader Mark [aka Island Dad, and, it should be noted, a BMW driver] gleefully points to a report about dismal Mercedes R-Class sales from the always-opinionated, never-shy industry veteran Peter DeLorenzo's site, AutoExtremist.com. According to AE, the country club-ready...
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Yet Another Giggletastic Deal From Huggies and Amazon

Forget the landfills; Amazon is trying to stuff your house full of diapers. It's like they're trying to buy their way to the top of the diaperselling business, one $30 gift certificate at a time. Until Feb 28th, Amazon is...
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I May Be On The Radio, Or I May Be Totally Busted

Because it's the Satellite Sisters, who are like The View, only related and on the radio, I'm half expecting to get on the phone this afternoon and find I've been punk'd by the guys from Dadcentric for being a big...
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Let Us Now Praise Famous Crib Critics

A reading from the 2006 Community Playthings catalogue, in which Cameron's words of praise for the Community Crib warm the hearts of CP marketers and value-minded crib buyers alike: "'This crib is so beyond cool as to be icy.'...
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Fatherhood And The Emo Emu

Snapped at The National Zoo:Fatherhood: Female emus leave egg-care and chick-rearing to the males. Males keep ground nests where they tend about ten dark-green egs - rarely leaving during the eight-week incubation period. Chicks stay with their father for...
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Dylan Bodysuit: Yet Another Reason For DIY

Holy smokes, Ryan, he of the homebrewed Space Invader bodysuit, also made one with Bob Dylan on it. Awesome. [and congratulations on the kid, too, of course. priorities.] Previously: Where's all the video game baby gear?. Gocco, the Japanese home...
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